New pictures for the Kickstarter

Take a look at this new picture from the Kickstarter campaign!

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Decks Miniatures Kickstarter Launch!

We’ve launched our Kickstarter campaign! We’re hoping to raise at least $10,000 so we can start mass producing these miniatures. Hopefully we can reach and surpass that goal because we have a lot of stretch goals we’d love to share as well. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to increase your miniature collection, this is your best answer!

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I’ve been working on something new and exciting and I think it’s time to share. I think papercrafting is amazing, but I also think that cutting paper is something that very few people want to do. I’ve always tried to make papercrafting simpler, easier, and more accessible by either requiring no/very little glue in my designs. However, I think it’s time for the next step, pre-cutting my glueless papercraft models.

To that end, I’ve been working on a line of “paper” miniatures that come as pre-cut trading cards. Very similar to Pirates of the Spanish Main. The pieces easily punch out and can be quickly and easily assembled into beautiful 3D miniatures. While paper is easy to purchase and print on, it really doesn’t hold up very well over time. So instead I’m using special polyester plastic sheets. What this means is that the pieces can bend over and over (and over) again and not break. That’s important because I want these miniatures to last for as long as you need them without breaking.

All of this is great, but the minis need to look good. My goal is to make the minis look so good they will look good side-by-side with painted minis. I’ve searched and I’ve found an amazing artist who is creating the textures for all of the models. That means no more needing to paint minis or pay extra to get pre-painted minis. Instead we get amazing and vibrant 300 dpi artwork that is protected with a clear coating for longevity. Beauty that lasts!

Finally, all this comes at a price point much lower than traditional minis. If you’re wanting to build an army of goblins, or orcs, or anything, this is your optimal solution.

I’ll be launching a Kickstarter in August to kick off production. I already have over 40 models designed and ready to go! Depending on how well the Kickstarter goes, we’ll be creating over 100 more models!

Please note that all minis shown are prototypes made on my laser printer and cut with my paper cutter. I’m currently getting the first proofs professionally printed and will ship them off to get professionally cut. Once I get those back I’ll be making the Kickstarter video and creating the Kickstarter page with nice pretty pictures. I’m so excited to share these minis with everyone! I really think this is going to be a game changer for Tabletop RPGs.

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Roof Shingle Tutorial

I’ve been working hard on texturing buildings. Texturing is totally new to me so there is a bit of a learning curve. The first big obstacle I ran into was creating an entire roof of shingles. I’d start off fine, but after a few rows I noticed my shingles were all getting larger. So I tried again. This time they all got smaller. *sigh*

So I decided to see if I could make the shingles procedurally. Basically create one shingle shape and the duplicate it and randomly scale, rotate, and shift it. I also wanted to change the shape of the shingle randomly too. Well, after trying lots of things, I finally found a method that works, and works well!

I think it turned out pretty nice.

If you’d like to do something like this, here is the step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

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What I’m working on…

I’m working on a massively customizable building kit that will allow you awesome people the ability to build an entire city of unique houses and taverns and shops. Want a house with the door on the left and two windows to the right? Got it. What if you want the door on the right? No problem. Two doors? Sure. No windows? Bring it. Three stories tall? Okay. SEVEN stories tall? You’re crazy, but we can build it!

“Yeah, but what about cantilevered floors?”

Yeah, we got cantilevered floors.Yup. Got that too!

Not only will these buildings look great from the outside, but you can remove each level to reveal what’s inside the building! Or, to keep things simple, you can just build the shells of the buildings. That makes it a bit easier to populate entire villages quickly.

Keep an eye out for more updates.

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Miss Us?

Life has been busy, and projects have been delayed, but we’re finally back!
<dramatic pause for the cheering>
Coming on the 1st of March, grungy slimy sewers!

You may notice that Devin Night has been tapped to do the art for this kit. His hand-drawn style is very complimentary to Jonathan Robert’s and I know you’ll love it!

Most importantly, as with all other Fold-n-Go products, this kit is mostly glueless. We only use glue to fix sheets back-to-back. That means you don’t need to wait for hours to let glue dry, you can build just as fast as you can print and cut!

One of the best features of this kit is the customizable ground texture. You can route the sewer trenches anywhere you want! Just use your mouse and click in each square where you want the slime. You can create an image ranging from 100% stone to 100% slime and anything in between! You can print those sheets out and tape them together, or go a step further and capture the images, combine them in Photoshop or Gimp, and print them out on a large format printer!

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New Line of Products! Fold-n-Go Singles

Fold-n-Go Singles - Altar

Instead of releasing only one large product every 6 weeks or so, we’re looking into releasing smaller/cheaper products in-between our larger releases. Today release is the first in this new line we call Fold-n-Go Singles. Same great quality you’ve come to expect, just in smaller bite-sized packages.

Our goal is to be able to fit everything on a single sheet (thus the name “Singles”). We want to give additional configuration options with layers so you can print out multiple sheets with different results. So even though everything fits on one sheet, you’re still getting multiple sheets of parts.

Our first Single is the Altar. Everyone needs a few good altars in their game, whether they are sacrificial altars, or worshiping altars, or just a place to grab some loot. We’ve got you covered.

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Tools I Use

I have had some questions asking what materials I use to create my papercraft models.  I thought I’d make a single post and list everything I use/recommend.


I print all my models using an HP CP1525nw (~$300) color laserjet printer.  I purchased this printer early this year and have been extremely pleased.  The print quality is amazing! I switched from inkjet to color laser about three or four years ago and I’m never going back. Continue reading

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Assembly Video for the Signal Mound

Just finished an assembly video for the Fold-n-Go – Castle Kit #1 – Signal Mound.  Yeah, it’s glueless!  Enjoy!

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New Product! Fold-n-Go Castle Kit #1

We have just released our second papercraft product, Fold-n-Go Castle Kit #1!

This modular kit has everything you need to make your very own castle, including a working portcullis!

Again, Lone Tree Games strives to use as little glue as possible.  The only glue required is when you need to glue sheets back-to-back to get texture on both sides.  Everything assembles quickly and easily so you can spend your time gaming and not assembling.

Check out some images below.

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