I’ve been working on something new and exciting and I think it’s time to share. I think papercrafting is amazing, but I also think that cutting paper is something that very few people want to do. I’ve always tried to make papercrafting simpler, easier, and more accessible by either requiring no/very little glue in my designs. However, I think it’s time for the next step, pre-cutting my glueless papercraft models.

To that end, I’ve been working on a line of “paper” miniatures that come as pre-cut trading cards. Very similar to Pirates of the Spanish Main. The pieces easily punch out and can be quickly and easily assembled into beautiful 3D miniatures. While paper is easy to purchase and print on, it really doesn’t hold up very well over time. So instead I’m using special polyester plastic sheets. What this means is that the pieces can bend over and over (and over) again and not break. That’s important because I want these miniatures to last for as long as you need them without breaking.

All of this is great, but the minis need to look good. My goal is to make the minis look so good they will look good side-by-side with painted minis. I’ve searched and I’ve found an amazing artist who is creating the textures for all of the models. That means no more needing to paint minis or pay extra to get pre-painted minis. Instead we get amazing and vibrant 300 dpi artwork that is protected with a clear coating for longevity. Beauty that lasts!

Finally, all this comes at a price point much lower than traditional minis. If you’re wanting to build an army of goblins, or orcs, or anything, this is your optimal solution.

I’ll be launching a Kickstarter in August to kick off production. I already have over 40 models designed and ready to go! Depending on how well the Kickstarter goes, we’ll be creating over 100 more models!

Please note that all minis shown are prototypes made on my laser printer and cut with my paper cutter. I’m currently getting the first proofs professionally printed and will ship them off to get professionally cut. Once I get those back I’ll be making the Kickstarter video and creating the Kickstarter page with nice pretty pictures. I’m so excited to share these minis with everyone! I really think this is going to be a game changer for Tabletop RPGs.

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