Coming Soon!

Things have been a bit quiet here lately.  For a while there wasn’t anything newsworthy, then I got really busy.  But busy is a good thing because that means a new product is coming!  I need to finish the assembly instructions, but our new kit is going to blow your socks off!

You know something is good when you can’t stop staring at it, and I can’t seem to help myself!

Anyhow, here’s a little teaser.As before, Jonathan Roberts is the texture artist, and if you know his maps, you might see something familiar here.

Finally, there’s less than a week left in our user-build photo contest.  The winner will receive $50 worth of Rite Publishing goodies! So if you’ve built something with Lone Tree Games’ papercraft, take a picture and share it on the forums.

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Two Weeks Remaining

There are only two weeks remaining in our inaugural user build contest.  Show us your greatest creations using our Fold-n-Go Dungeon Kit #1!  Contest closes August 9th, so get your build’n on!

Enter here!

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July Progress Report

Pictures of Works In Progress

So I’m always hard at work on something. Here are a couple preview shots of some parts I have just designed. Can’t wait to see what they look like after Jon has worked his magic!

These parts required very little glue. All of the back-to-back variety that I just can’t seem to get away from.  But luckily that is the easiest way to glue. Continue reading

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An “incentive” to join our community

We are wanting to build our community and Lone Tree Games and Rite Publishing have decided that bribing you is the best way to do that!  Sounds good right?  We have decided to host a contest!
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Okay to print for personal use

Just got an email from a customer who tried to have the pages printed and ran into trouble with the copyright notice.  Looks like we need to add a note saying:

© Lone Tree Games, permission granted to print and photocopy for personal use only.

If you run into any trouble, point the printers to this notice.  Hopefully that will work until I can get back to the office and add the note to the originals.

Sorry about that!

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How to build your dungeon

You may be wondering how to connect the walls and other various pieces together and how to connect everything to the base/floor.  I will share my preferred way with you, but feel free to do whatever works best for you.

Other papercraft terrain products have used paperclips or bobby pins to attach their walls together.  Paperclips are cheaper, but bobby pins are easier to use and provide better results.  And in our thin parts, only bobby pins will work.  In fact, some types of bobby pins may not quite work.  Sometimes the flared end interferes with the thin parts (i.e. doors & curtains), so for those pieces, I clip the flared end off with wire cutters/side cutters.

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Fold-n-Go Dungeon Kit #1 is available!

Buy it for the great props.  Buy it for the amazing artwork.  Buy it because you just can’t have enough gaming terrain.  Whatever your reason, just buy it!

Fold-n-Go Dungeon Kit #1

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Philosophy on Papercraft Design

I’d like to share a bit about my philosophy of design when it comes to papercraft.  I’ve made countless papercraft models over the years and the thing I like the least is cutting paper.  My second least favorite thing is gluing paper together and waiting for it to dry.  I believe papercraft would be hugely popular if those two problems could be solved.  HUGELY!

Well, the first problem is largely solved already.  The Craft ROBO / Silhouette SD paper-cutter is a God-send for people like me who hate cutting paper into tiny pieces.  Not only can you load the paper and walk away while it’s cutting, but the thing is ACCURATE!  If you’re a bit of a perfectionist, you can set this machine up to be incredibly accurate, and then just marvel at the results.

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Welcome to!  We’ll be releasing our first product July 1st!  We’re really excited about it!

Until then, here is a preview.

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